Newsflash: NACo announces new opportunities for technical assistance for Stepping Up counties

On January 3rd, NACo, CSG and APA announced new learning opportunities and updates to the Resources Toolkit to help counties seeking to reduce the number of people in jails suffering from mental illness. They have an ambitious agenda of work in the new year and we hope counties find the guidance useful.

Now back to our usual programming:

Patient-mediated exchange overcomes privacy barriers and engages the participant in their own rehabilitation

High utilizers consume a disproportionate share of a community’s resources. San Diego discovered a small number of individuals each cost the community over $100,000 a year. When Project 25 instituted coordinated case management, they were able to help those individuals settle in the community, and saw substantial savings. It was a win-win-win: for taxpayers, for the individuals themselves, and for public safety in local neighborhoods.

Our Pokket software platform is designed to help communities kick-start a continuum of care for high utilizers and returning citizens. With little or no upfront investment, agencies can stitch together existing resources, overcome privacy challenges, and enable information to be shared across boundaries, with the involvement and consent of individuals concerned. Pokket is designed for mobility, so agencies and providers can use it in the field, and it’s secure, so everyone can bring their own smartphone or tablet. For struggling individuals too, it’s a planning and accountability tool.

Pokket offers:
  • A way for each provider to bring their own Release of Information
  • Patient-mediated exchange for participants to manage how their information is shared
  • A personalized treatment plan with notifications of due and completed tasks
  • A way to match individuals to screened providers in your community
  • A way to manage referrals, including pre-screen questions, and intake and needs assessments
  • A way to share documents
  • Appointments with reminders to coordinate interventions
  • Secure messaging for auditable contact

Our easy to deploy, mobile-friendly solution helps justice, health and social service providers work together for better outcomes.

Pokket is a cloud solution, so there are no servers to install or maintain. We’ll provide support to your team, so there is no on-going burden on your information systems team. We’ll be happy to talk to them about how Pokket works.

Ask about our 30-day evaluation program to see if Pokket might help you and your community overcome your information-sharing challenges.