Acivilate™ is a technology solutions provider that equips and empowers justice, health and human services professionals and the citizens they serve.

Our secure, cloud-based Pokket℠ platform synchronizes human services delivery. It's built to encourage, enable and sustain self-sufficiency by connecting returning citizens, social supports, families, and communities.

Pokket℠, a collaborative, confidential information-sharing platform, empowers and equips caseworkers and citizens to:

  • Maintain One Integrated Personal Reentry Plan
  • Keep Track of Paperwork
  • Manage Calendars and Meet Responsibilities
  • Stay Connected
  • Get Immediate Access to Necessary Documents
  • Track, Report & Celebrate Progress
  • Reduce Administrative Burdens

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The Pokket℠ Cloud-Based Platform Manages Support Services and Referrals

Pokket℠ is designed to complement enforcement efforts and support wraparound rehabilitation programs, and is not an enforcement tool. Our cloud-based platform enables social and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to coordinate services like never before, ensuring clean referrals across providers. Comprehensive information and reporting capabilities allow better synchronization of services, prevent unnecessary duplication, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and allow caseworkers more time to coach, encourage and recognize client progress.

How we help Human Services

The Pokket℠ Platform Enables Secure, Confidential Information-Sharing for Human Services

We bring mobility and cyber-security technology to synchronize human services agencies with disparate information systems. Easy to deploy and standards-based, Pokket℠ does not require in-house technical support. We provide a cloud-based, software solution for supervision, social services agencies and private and nonprofit Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

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The Pokket℠ Platform Connects & Engages Community

Family ties and support have proven to be one of the most significant factors in success for citizen reentry. Individuals are encouraged to identify trusted family, friends and faith-based supporters to receive wraparound support and encouragement. Pokket℠ provides a way to safely incorporate the faith-based community in reentry initiatives.

How we help Families and Communities

The Easy-to-Use Pokket℠ App Connects, Equips & Empowers Returning Citizens

Self-service accountability tools in an easy-to-use, secure mobile app connect with the platform and empower users, enabling them to create their personal reentry plan, manage their calendar and alerts, archive and share information as they choose. Returning citizens can demonstrate accountability to their supervisors, sharing their compliance with conditions of release and their overall progress. Expert user experience design takes into account the cognitive and literacy capabilities of the user base.

How we help Returning Citizens