Pokket, the operating system for criminal justice rehabilitation, is now available for
jurisdictions to deploy to improve caseworker productivity and returning citizen outcomes. Give us a call for a 30-day evaluation, and ask about our Amazon-sponsored program for early adopters, or complete this form

Through an individualized rehabilitation plan, everyone including the defendant, is on the same page. Pokket facilitates the privacy process to enable simplified justice-health information sharing.

Problem-solving courts can manage and track referrals and program execution and completion, to get the data they need.

Jail reentry programs can reach into the community for continuity of care, making sure participants know what to do next.

For probation and parole, Pokket is an early warning system to enable intervention before a challenge becomes a crisis.

For the motivated individual, it’s a way to stay out of jail.

For our communities, it may help reduce recidivism, improving public safety, and saving taxpayer money.

Pokket is quick and easy to deploy and secure, and provides a pathway to systems integration.

Pokket uses Amazon Web Services GovCloud to provide a secure and reliable service.