Who We Are

Comprised of a team with decades of experience in technology, social services, and criminal justice, Acivilate™ has designed a platform that bridges gaps between corrections and community supervision, social services and community-based organizations (CBOs), and makes it easier for them to help returning citizens who are determined to change their lives. Whether citizens are reentering society from prison or jail, working through probation assignments from drug courts, problem-solving courts, juvenile courts, or other Alternatives to Incarceration (ATIs), the Acivilate™ platform can enable returning citizens to plan and organize their progress, and access the many supports and services that are available to help them help themselves.

Our team is passionate about helping people with their successful reentry back into society. We are sensitive to the challenges that reentering citizens face including coordination of services, complying with requirements and reporting, difficulty finding work due to a gap in work history and learning to make good decisions in an ever changing world. Acivilate™ team members realize that family members and many caring people in social services and community based organizations lack the information and the context they need to provide the most meaningful and timely support for their clients and they are hindered by outdated and disparate information systems.

Acivilate™ team members share compassion and a keen interest in social justice reform. Some team members have a personal or family connection to the issues of criminal justice or social work.

In addition to their personal experience, each of them brings specialized professional skills including; application development, devops, information security, correctional supervision, law enforcement, court services and counseling.

Why We Care

Frustrations, dropout rates and recidivism are too high for returning citizens, whether adults coming out of incarceration, on probation through Accountability Courts - ATIs (Alternatives to Incarceration) or juveniles attempting to comply with court requirements. The economic and social costs of incarceration are astronomical and many of these individuals have very limited resources and support.

Social services, community based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based community organizations (FBCOs) provide support, and have a recognized need to share information, so that they and their colleagues can operate with better context. However, disconnected, disparate information systems present barriers to information sharing and bog down caseworkers, managers and administrators. Caseworkers and managers are buried in administrative tasks that eat up time that could be spent meeting with and helping clients. Well-intended opportunities to share information can also be thwarted by equally well-intended confidentiality rules. Caseworker burn-out is high, and frustrations increase for all, and drop-out and recidivism rates are high.

Acivilate™ resolves the tension between collaboration and confidentiality by allowing the returning citizen to authorize, modify or rescind the secure, release of granular pertinent information about themselves.

It isn’t easy to fix the IT challenges. Unauthorized parties cannot be given access to systems in ways that would expose those systems to security risks. Collaboration must happen outside that perimeter. A retiring government IT workforce and a lack of capital dollars to replace aging systems create a need for outsourced services. As a platform, we can start by connecting people to change results, and then connect systems, taking a justice reinvestment approach. Transformation can be jump-started by open source code and open standards, to streamline operations.

Acivilate™ makes more information available to better inform decisions, enables integrated plans and better coordination of services and supports. Returning citizens can take on more responsibility for their own rehabilitation. More case manager time can be spent helping returning citizens become productive members of society.

The Acivilate™ software-as-a-service (SasS) Pokket℠ platform connects returning citizens with social service agencies and their community. Unprecedented coordination among social services is made possible while returning citizens are empowered and equipped to plan, organize, meet responsibilities, report progress and help themselves to make better decisions going forward.

About the Company

We are a majority woman-owned technology social enterprise – a dedicated team of experienced professionals who care and measure outcomes and interventions to ensure success.

  • Acivilate™ was established in 2014
  • Member of the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC)
  • Delaware C Corporation
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, GA
  • NIGP: 952-15, 920-40
  • NAICS: 541512, 541511
  • Acivilate™ Practices Fair Hiring
  • Pokket is deployed on the Amazon Web Services environment for security, compliance and reliability