Acivilate places the tools for success in the hands of the client.  Empowering our offender population to succeed builds confidence and reduces dependency on case managers.

Dan Blanchard | Division DirectorAdult Probation Parole | Utah Department of Corrections

Here’s how Pokket can help:

Prisons: Inreach and Import through Referrals
Inmates need to be prepared and supported in reentry, now more than ever
  • Inmates can execute digital referrals on tablets with your outside provider partners
  • Once connected, offender and provider collaborate through reentry plans, messaging, appointments and document-sharing
  • Only those providers you select can join network; ensuring integrity of care and accountability
  • Interactions are paperless and archived. No contraband! No virus!
  • Scan in discharge packets to handle less paper

Video Visits: NEW in September
Body language cues are crucial to assessing your clients: video makes this possible
  • Appointments can be video visits between participants and case managers
  • Secure, encrypted and compliant with audit logs for contact reporting
  • Simple to use, nothing to download
  • Remote home inspections, curfew checks, remote office visits
  • Front and rear camera to see person and surroundings
  • System detects and reports when unsuccessful attempts are made to connect

Pokket is designed to help participants move towards self sufficiency by contributing to their own plan.
  • Increases buy-in
  • Participant begins to learn or re-discover important executive management skills
  • The more work the participant does, the less work the case manager has to do - reducing staff burnout
  • The better the client self-manages, the more likely they are to graduate from supervision Pokket is an early warning system for agents
  • See when the client is falling behind
  • Intervene to get them back on track, before a challenge becomes a crisis